Road Shows

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Roadshow Services by CoolRide

When you choose roadshow service with CoolRide, rest assured that you will be taken care of. Our VIP chauffeurs are the best of the best, highly experienced in the their job and the area around which they drive. As with all CoolRide services, our roadshow chauffeurs are well-briefed in your travel requirements and ready to respond to your changing itinerary and needs.

Should you need assistance when your chauffeur isn't around, you can trust in our 24/7 support team that is ready to help with your needs whenever they're needed.

CoolRide Roadshow Online Features

CoolRide's unique online features allow you to access your important roadshow information in the blink of an eye. Utilize our online travel reports to review your itinerary at a moment's notice or check out our online trip status updates to easily check the status of any trip from your computer or mobile device. Our state of the art trip status updates even allow you to receive notifications as your trip progresses!

With our online capabilities, you can also receive and access immediate travel confirmations for your personal or company records.

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